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Halifax Waterfront
halifax waterfront night photo

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Canada Travel Destinations, Free Things To Do In Canada's Provinces

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Quebec Aquarium

The Quebec Aquarium is in Quebec City, just as you arrive in Quebec at the Quebec Bridge, take exit 132 off Highway 73. The facility is home to 10,000 animals, and more than 300 species. There are seven exhibits sectors, including such animals as seals, walruses, and polar bears. There is a viewing area through a walkway enclosure where the marine live can be observed. The aquarium is open year round, and has many amenities.

The Quebec Aquarium has over 400,000 visitors yearly.
Map Of Quebec Aquarium Facility

Travel Times:
The Quebec Aquarium is 630 miles from Halifax NS; 143 miles from Montreal, 180 miles from Bangor Maine, 330 miles from New York.


Toronto Zoo

Visit the Toronto Zoo website | | View the Zoo Map
The Toronto Zoo is Canada's largest and most visited zoo; with over 5000 animals representing 500 species. They have animals from around the world, including, pandas, lions, elephants, giraffes. The zoo's walking trails cover 10 km, and the zoo itself is just over 700 acres, making it one of the largest in the world.
The animals are seen in seven zoogeographic regions: Indo-Malaya, Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Eurasia, Canadian Domain and the Tundra Trek. You can view the animals both indoors and in outdoor naturalistic environments. Must sees include the Xie Shou Giant Panda Experience, the Tundra Trek and the Gorilla Rainforest.

The zoo is open year round, and getting there is essy from the Highway 401, at exit 389. Toronto Zoo hours are 930-430 daily. Parking fee is $12 per vehicle.

Travel Times:
The Toronto Zoo is 16 hours from Truro NS, and 8 hours from Quebec City, 5 hours from Montreal, 4 hours from Ottawa, and 1 hour 45 mins from Niagara Falls, Ontario. From the USA, it is 11 hours from Bangor, 5 hours from New York, and 8 hours from New York City.
Hotels Around Toronto Zoo | View Map Hotels Within 5 Miles of the Zoo

Free Sightseeing and Attractions Vancouver Canada

African Lion Safari - Ontario, Canada

USA Travel Destinations, Free Things To Do In The United States

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Discover Hawaii Islands

View Map of Maui Island

The 50th state of USA, located in the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. Hawaii is a number of 6 small to medium sized islands, covering a distance of 1500 miles, with total population of 1.3 million. Maui Island, a beautiful vacation destination with lots to do:

Maui is the second largest island of the Hawaii islands. which is off the coast of USA from California, situated in the Pacific Ocean. A land area of over 700 square miles.

Explore the pacific ocean with the local turtles, take a plane tour around the island of Maui, viewing local islands and spectacular coastline scenery including volcanoes, learn to fly a small plane - surf, or discover para sailing. Enjoy whale watching and dolphin sightings tours, enjoy hiking tours of rainforests and craters. Explore ocean reefs on glass bottomed boats, or explore a shipwreck. Travel a guided tour through a plantation, or a tasting tour of local wines and foods. Visit the battleships in Pearl Harbour from World War II. View the vistas of the island of Maui from a helicopter ride. Have dinner on the Maui Princess, where you will enjoy a three course meal, and afterwards enjoy the scenery while dancing on board the yacht.

Adventurous -Things to Do Maui Island

| Browse all adventures on Maui

Browse all 'things to do in Maui Hawaii' Sightseeing and Attractions

How Much Will It Cost To Fly To This Destination - Maui Island Hawaii

Flight from Halifax NS to Maui Island - round trip, (meaning flying to and returning from) apprx 10000 miles and flight time is apprx 32 hours - 2 airport stops.
Flight cost is about $700-800 CA, per person, and with hotel for 4 nights, cost about $950-1000 CA, (prices from
Flight from San Francisco to Maui Island - round trip, apprx 5000 miles, flight time is apprx 4 hr (non stop flight).
Flight cost is about 370-600 USA,per person, and with hotel 4 nights, cost is 700-800 per person USA. (prices from,
Things that affect price are: originating flight city, time of day, airline chosen, type of airline seat chosen. These prices shown are approximate only - to show generally, the cost of flights and hotels to and from this travel destination.

Movies Made On Hawaii Islands


Alaska, the largest state of the USA, by land area, home to some 700,000, and about half live in the Anchorage Metropolitan area.
View Map Of Alaska

Road Trip Alaska Parks


Road Trip - Dinosaur Highway


Washington, DC, Free Things to Do


Map of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, Free Things To Do


Map New York City

New York City has lots of things to do and see and many are free Free Things To Do New York City

All New York City Sightseeing and Attractions

Popular Sightseeing and Attractions

New York City Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
New York Zoo
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Traveling To Europe

Map Europe


Map of Sweden

Free Things To Do In Stockholm Sweden


Map Of Bosnia

Bosnia borders the Adriatic Sea, and Italy is to its' east across the sea. The capital and largest city is Sarajevo, with approximately one million.
Travel guide Bosnia & Herzegovina

Foods of Bosnia | Traditional Dishes in Bosnia

Bosnia, many things to do like rafting, canoeing and kayaking. Country has many mountains and hills and this is great for hiking and skiiing, Bosnia & Herzegovina have plenty for vacationers. They also have delicious food at restaurants and good prices. This country is one of the most affordable places to vacation in Europe.

Venice Italy

View Map Venice Italy

Venice is in the north eastern part of Italy, about 5 hours from Rome, and home to a million locals. Flights and hotels can be easily booked to Venice Italy, and the cost for a round trip ticket from Canada starts around $1500 for one person, including hotel for 5 nights. Booking a flight to Venice is available at online travel booking sites like
There are about 400 hotels in Venice, and most of them are within 4-5 miles of the airport.

Venice boasts a warm summer climate, and lots of sightseeing and attractions for vacationers. You may enjoy a gondola boat ride on the Venice Canals, or tour St Mark’s Basilica, with wonderful golden mosaics and marble floors, or a boat trip to Murano and watch skilled glassblowers as they create wonderful pieces of Venetian art. From Venice enjoy day trips to more Italian destinations, like Florence, and Rome, on board a high speed train.
Venice Sightseeing and Attractions
Browse all things to do in Venice Italy


View Map Of Spain

Enjoy Marbella

Numerous beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, year round vacation weather in Andalusia region for numerous wind sports, yachting, sailing; plenty of fine dining restaurants, must-see art galleries in major city centres; largest aquarium in Europe; Puerto Banus for luxurious marina and celebrity sightings ...

Flights To Spain

A flight from Halifax Canada to Barcelona, Spain will cost approximately 600-700, the flight time is about 14 hours on economy. If you fly from Toroonto you can save additionally. Flight and city Info

Travelling To Italy

Visit the Vatican, take tours of famous landmarks, eat italian pizza, shop famous italian clothing, take a tour of Rome, a boatride in Venice, wine tasting in vineyards, take photos at Milan's fashion week, take the ferry to Sardinia to sunbathe on Caribbean like beaches, explore caves, visit Naples for beautiful vistas...


One of the Most Popular Travel Destinations in the World

Things TO Do In Rome


Free Things To Do - Milan Italy


Map of Austria

A small country in Europe with a population of 8 million, known as one of the best places to live in Europe because of its quality of living and mild year round temperatures; famous for Mozart and Strauss, Kitzbühel and St Anton mountains for skiing, beautiful mountain and lake vistas, and Habsburg palaces.

Austria, must sees include: the Salzburg Festival, Tirol - for mountains and scenery, year round ice sculptures near Salzburg, Harakiri for snowboarding and skiing, sample wines at Austria's vineyards such as Riesling wines, Bregenz Austria has the world's largest floating stage opera productions during the summer months, Mozart museum and exhibitions.

The capital of Austria is Vienna; a much visited Tourist city.
Well known for dance - film festivals, concerts and exhibitions, palaces, the Museum of Fine Arts, ski slopes, and the world famous Vienna Opera.

|Parks In Vienna |

Flights To Vienna

A flight to Vienna from Halifax Canada will cost approximately $900 - 1000 and flight time is about 10 hours on economy with 1 stop.
If you fly from Toronto you can save additionally on this flight.
Flight and City Info


Map of Greece

Greece attracts millions of visitors yearly, to its capital Athens, and also the popular Greek Islands are a sought after tourist destination.


Crete Island - Read about Crete Island
Crete - Photos of Crete View

Greek Islands - Read about the Islands in Greece

Traveling To Asia


Map of India View Map

India's Temples, Monuments, Forts Tah Mahal, Golden Temple: visit the many Temples of India


Map of Japan

Japan, with the finest restaurants in cities like Osaka; shrines and temples like the: Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s most revered Buddhist sanctuary; beautiful cherry blossom trees(sakura) blooming in springtime; great attractions like: Sumo wrestling, Disney world, world famous Aquarium.

While your there; buy a souvenir at the many shops featuring local products; go to a show of Japanese performing arts;spend time shopping in Tokyo, with its many department stores and shopping districts; savour the delicious local cuisines, enjoy sightseeing in Japan's best cities: like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, find preferred accommodations at Japan's hotels, or less expensive offerings available at local hostels in Japan's cities: Tokyo hostels , Osaka hostels

NightLife Tokyo

A Vacation in Tokyo Japan
Day Tour of Tokyo Japan with Video


Tourist attractions in Australia |

Parks and Reserves Australia | Islands in Australia

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Landmarks in Photos
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